Our process

Bob Harrington Associates employs a proven search and selection process designed to find you those unique individuals who can make an immediate contribution to your organization. Our role is to help you solve an organizational problem by selecting the best-qualified individual who can provide the solution.

Profiling the Position

Most important to a successful recruiting mission is a thorough understanding of your operations, the specific requirements of the position to be filled and the corporate environment into which the new employee will be placed.

We work closely with the hiring manager to create a position profile that identifies the skills required to do the job, past experience needed to meet priority tasks, and management style that will function effectively in the corporation’s culture, all with a focus on values – yours and theirs.

Identification and Recruitment

With the assistance of our trained research staff, we will begin a customized search for promising candidates who are likely to match your requirements. The best candidates are often happily employed, and their resumes are usually not in circulation or found on the Internet. It is our task to identify and recruit them through a wide variety of means, then qualify them while we keep you fully informed of our progress. Our recruiting is conducted through referrals and by contacting people in the work disciplines and businesses where qualified candidates are most likely to be. We do not rely on unsolicited resume flow, blind ads or job boards.

The talented people we approach are generally not looking for a new position. Most likely, they have not circulated their resumes, nor are they currently reading help-wanted advertising. They are the two-thirds of the qualified work force who are unreachable except through a custom recruiting approach. They are, however, people who may be interested in an opportunity when it is brought to their attention in a professional and discreet manner.

Our inquiries are made in strict confidence, and your company is not identified until a candidate expresses a definite interest in the position. If we feel there is a fit, we then take steps to recruit the candidate.

Qualification and Presentation

As candidates express interest in the opportunity, we evaluate each against the position profile. We present for interview only those individuals who best fit the assignment profile. References will be checked at your request. When we have qualified candidates worthy of your consideration, we will present them and explain why each of them is a “close fit” to your requirements. After the interview, we debrief both you and the candidate, then follow-up to ascertain the candidate’s interest, provide additional information and resolve any misunderstandings. The client’s responsibility is for timely feedback on the candidate. This responsiveness helps us maintain the candidate’s interest and motivation for pursuing the opportunity.

Face-to- Face Interviews

We will assist you with all aspects of the interviewing process and, if desired, will counsel those involved on successful interviewing techniques.

Selection and Offer

Once you have selected the preferred candidate, we will help you design a compensation package that will meet both your needs and the candidate’s needs. We will present the offer on your behalf and resolve any last-minute issues before you make a written offer. When the candidate says “yes,” we will help him or her resign and resist any counter-offers from the current employer. We stay in constant touch with the candidate and his or her family to resolve any remaining issues and facilitate their start date.