ABC’s of Hiring #31- Seven Ways to Make It Easier for Employers to Find and Recruit You

Whether in job search mode or not, you should want to be considered and contacted when an exceptional opportunity arises. There are a variety of methods to use as you build your personal brand awareness in your market niche.

Employers sometimes passively recruit by simply posting jobs on their company website and waiting for applicants to find it and apply. They don’t need to do anything else because of the volume of applications they receive. You find them.

Other companies actively recruit candidates using many different ways to connect with and engage potential employees. Even if they do get many applications, they want to be sure they Most Usedare reaching the best candidates, including those who may not be actively seeking employment, but may be interested if they saw a job posting or were recruited. They find you.

Optimize LinkedIn

First and foremost, optimize your use of LinkedIn. Every corporation and recruiter utilizes LinkedIn to identify potential candidates for their openings. In our ABC’s of Hiring #19, entitled “Optimizing LinkedIn” dated October 10, 2015; we detailed 15 ways to be found more often.

If you only do one thing to position yourself, take the time to do this.


 Everyone in today’s market needs to constantly expand their network. Follow your competitors and know when they are hiring. The mistake people make is to only network when they are un-employed. In our ABC’s of Hiring #18, entitled “Make the Connection” dated October 1, 2015; we provided the details on how to effectively expand your network of professional connections.

Target Companies

 Make a list of companies that should be interested in your background and also, that you would be interested in working for. Check their websites to see if jobs are posted. Check to see who you know in these companies. If not, see if you have a contact that knows people at the company and request an introduction. Build your network around these companies and their people.

 Brand Yourself

Publish articles in trade magazines. Make a presentation at a trade show. Join professional organizations. Use social media to post relevant material. Start a blog or personal website with industry-specific content. Volunteer for your alumni association, community, and place of worship or clubs that you belong to. Become known in your community and be visible to your competitors, suppliers and customers. Having a solid reputation with name recognition can provide a crucial advantage over other potential candidates.

Utilize Twitter

Use Twitter as an integral part of your job search. Twitter enables users to send out brief messages to large audiences. In addition to establishing brand recognition, Twitter can be used to identify openings. There is an excellent article explaining how to accomplish this, “5 Ways to Use Twitter to Find a Job”.

As a job seeker, you can:

  • Find hidden job leads
  • Network with industry insiders
  • Research companies and interviewers
  • Build your personal brand and presence within the industry

Use Recruiters

 Make sure all recruiters who specialize in your market niche or the geography you are interested in have your updated resume.

Post on the Internet

Post your resume on and and also search through their openings. They are aggregators that collect openings from everywhere on the internet to provide broader exposure.


 Maximizing your strategy through all the methods available to you, will make you visible in the markets you serve, the communities where you work, or in the functional areas you participate. The ultimate goal of networking and building your brand is to provide access to the hidden job market, allowing you to consider professional opportunities you may otherwise miss. You should want to be found.

Bob Harrington Associates has been in the executive search consulting business since 1994 and can help you find the best candidates for your organization.

Best Regards,

Bob Harrington CPC

Bob Harrington Associates


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