Bob Harrington Associates 20th Anniversary

Greensboro, NC – Bob Harrington Associates is proud to be celebrating their 20th Anniversary in the executive search business. Many changes have occurred during this span, including how hiring managers find key talent and how job seekers use their networks and social media to find that next step in their careers. Recruiters have different tools available today and are still the best resource to tap the passive candidate market when industry specific skills are needed.

Over the past 20 years, Bob Harrington Associates has completed hundreds of searches, primarily in the printing, packaging and related manufacturing supply chains. We have published over 40 newsletters, “From a Recruiter’s Viewpoint,” with hiring hints, resume writing, interviewing skills and a variety of useful topics for job seekers. We also provided a perspective on the economy and its effect on the job market.

Embracing the many changes in technology and social media, Bob Harrington Associates will be publishing guidelines for hiring managers and job seekers in a new streamlined format and on a more regular basis. Whether you are hiring or looking, we can be a valuable resource for you.

Bob Harrington Associates has been serving the printing and packaging market primarily in the pressure sensitive label supply chain with a specialization in plant managers, sales managers and general managers since 1994.

Best Regards,

Bob Harrington CPC
Bob Harrington Associates

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