From a Recruiter’s Viewpoint questionnaire

Thank you for your friendship, confidence and support over the years. We have enjoyed our working relationship and hope you allow us the honor of continuing to help you when you need to find the best people for your organization.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season filled with wonderful memories, and a new year that brings you joy and happiness.

Speaking of the New Year, we have a favor to ask….please take a minute to tell us how your company performed in 2013 and what you are forecasting for 2014. We will use your input as the basis for the next newsletter which goes to our network of 5000 professionals.

Consider these economic issues in your comments:

  1. With GDP averaging about 2%, have you regained revenues lost since 2008?
  2. Are we on the upswing or muddling along?
  3. Has Obamacare affected your business financially?
  4. Is competition or industry consolidation eroding margins?
  5. Is there a skills shortage or candidate reluctance to relocate that affects hiring?
  6. Are you seeing “in-shoring” with your suppliers or customers?
  7. Are you planning to hire replacements, expand or stay the course?

We respect your time and are appreciative of this effort. Your opinion will remain confidential, so tell us what you really think. Thanks again!

Have a great holiday and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!


Best Regards,

Bob Harrington CPC

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