Commonwealth Brands, Inc., Quality Assurance Manager

Greensboro, NC – Bob Harrington Associates is pleased to announce the successful completion of an executive search for Commonwealth Brands, Inc., with the placement of Benjamin Zeigler as Quality Assurance Manager, effective January 28, 2013.

Commonwealth Brands, Inc., is owned by Imperial Tobacco PLC with 40,000 employees operating in over 160 countries worldwide. Commonwealth Brands, Inc., responsibly manufactures and distributes tobacco products in the U.S. Currently the fourth largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States, Commonwealth Brands has a strong portfolio of high-quality brands, for use by adult smokers that are sold across the discount, mid-price and premium sectors, in retail outlets across all 50 states and Puerto Rico and at many U.S. military bases.

Benjamin Zeigler joins Commonwealth Brands, Inc., with global quality, technical and operations experience having worked for Burlington Industries, Grupo M, Dan River and Swift Galey Lucky, Inc. He has had responsibilities for quality spanning operations in the US, Mexico, China, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Hong Kong. Ben also has BSBA from The Citadel.

Bob Harrington Associates has been in the executive search business since 1994 and specializes in the printing and packaging industries.

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