From a Recruiter’s Viewpoint Vol. 25

In this Issue:
Why Use a Recruiter

You may not need a recruiter when you are a market leader with an established management development/bench building program, enjoy high retention of talent and only need help to identify entry level candidates with unrelated experience.  Others who are highly networked within an industry may be fortunate enough to identify top talent when they need it.  But this does not apply to most hiring managers or their companies.

Successful executives know when they need help and when to tap outside resources.  Using a recruiter saves you time and money.  Hiring managers have even less time when they “cover” for open positions.  Oftentimes, they compromise their selection because they don’t have time to find the perfect fit.  What does a key opening that goes unfilled cost the company?  What is your management time worth?  What does a bad “fit” cost?  What does it cost to do it all again months later after a bad hire?  These are real costs in hard earned dollars.

Recruiters can devote full time to your search. Recruiters with industry specific experience can identify several candidates very quickly.  Recruiters have an extensive database and network of contacts and can find people who have left the industry.  They can readily generate referrals of qualified people. They have extensive reach and can go very deep into a segment search.  They know your competitors, frequently talk with them and have easy access to them.

Recruiters can screen candidates and provide people who are motivated and have been fully vetted.  They can access the passive candidate who is not looking for a job because they are busy working very hard for their current employer.  These are the candidates who will consider a better opportunity with a better company when presented to them.  Passive candidates are not posted on Careerbuilder or other internet sites.  They are not responding to your ads or postings.

Typically, the volume of resumes received or available for consideration can be overwhelming.  Most often, these candidates don’t have the industry specific skills and experience that is needed. Industry specific experience in printing and packaging is hard to find with these generic internet resources.  90% of my clients require it, another reason to use a recruiter.

Most recruiters have unbiased views of candidates.  Their job is to “see” what the hiring manager sees and to provide candidates that fit that vision and culture.  Internal resources tend to be less objective, injecting their own biases and requirements beyond that of the hiring manager.

Use a recruiter:

  1. To save money
  2. To save time
  3. To optimize your talent acquisitions for the long term
  4. To access industry specific skills and experience
  5. To access the passive and “hidden” talent pool
  6. To find quality candidates quickly
  7. To allow your managers to do what they do best and not dilute their efforts recruiting.
  8. To overcome internal biases and maintain confidentiality.
  9. To find the “truly exceptional” rather than the “readily available” or “compromise” candidate.
  10. To assess your competition and the talent pool available in your market niche.

Next Issue:
How to Network

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